Benefits of Paying Privately for your Therapy Session

 Increased Confidentiality and Privacy

Your privacy is protected because your confidentiality is assured! Only you and I will have access to your records. Your confidentiality can be limited when you elect to use insurance since the insurance company requires a diagnosis and may request other intimate details about your treatment.  

Increased Treatment Options

You and I are in control of your treatment. You can decide the focus of your therapy how often and for how long you want to be seen. Therapy works best when you take responsibility for your own treatment. 

Increased Scheduling Options

You and I can decide what will benefit you and your situation. Your therapy session is not limited by what the insurance company will allow; typically a 45-50 minute session once a week. You may want to do longer sessions of 1 1/2 or 2 hours especially if you drive from a distance or if we are doing couple work. Perhaps, you would benefit from more frequent half hour sessions or a 15 phone session as needed.  

Mental Health Diagnosis Free

Services are not contingent upon a diagnosis. Insurance companies require counseling to be medically necessary and have a mental health diagnosis in order to pay for it. This means you have to be diagnosed with a mental health condition such as Generalized Anxiety or Depression to receive services through the insurance company. You will not be labeled with a diagnosis nor will you need a medical reason to have counseling.  

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